Melodic, charming electronica

The fun began all of ten years ago, when Kingbastard - AKA Chris Weeks - was dabbling with a four-track and learning acoustic guitar, before catching the electronic bug as he “started getting into bigger and better hardware with sampling and FX capabilities.” Veering from crunchy bass to nostalgic 8-bit riffs to glitch-hop to playful Eighties blasts, Kingbastard is a truly diverse beast. As Chris explains: “I never wanted to be one of these music makers who finds a sound or style and sticks to it ad nauseum - it would drive me insane. I don’t want to hear an album of ten tracks that sound the same, so I certainly don’t want to make one.” So, what makes him stand out from the rest of the IT crowd? An abundance of melody and charm, since you ask.


Chris Weeks


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