• Kitty, Daisy and Lewis

    The multi-instrumental sibling trio who recruit their mother and father as backing musicians, have slicked back fringes and pay homage to forgotten rhythm ‘n’ blues artists and neglected music movemen
  • Klaxons

    Thanks to New Cross “new rave” specialists Klaxons, glowsticks are not only officially cool again, they’re also the ultimate weapon of choice in the fashion industry.
  • Kling Klang

    Liverpool based band who blend krautrock grooves with electronic instrumentation


    Paul Hirons , Ali MacDonald , Joe McLaughlin

  • Koldo Serra

    Director of The Backwoods


    Koldo Serra

  • Kool DJ Dust

    Scandinavian 'skwee' figurehead


    Daniel Savio , Kool DJ Dust

  • Kool Keith

    Kool Keith - born Keith Matthew Thornton - is a rapper and former member of the Ultramagnetic MCs. He now performs solo under aliases including Dr. Octagon, Dr. Dooom and Mr. Nogatco.
  • Koop

    Swedish electronic-jazz duo, have undertaken much remix work on the side. Have done a lot of work in attempting to push their brand of left-field music towards the mainstream.
  • Koopa

    History making unsigned chart-busters
  • Kraftwerk

    German electronica pioneers. Kraftwerk - whose name means 'power station' in German - moved from their rock origins into becoming one of the first exclusively electronic 'bands'.
  • Kris Kristofferson

    Kris Kristofferson's long and varied career has seen him begin in the army before taking to a songwriting career at age 30.
  • Kris Menace

    Kris Menace (born Christophe Höffel) is an electronic musician.
  • KT Tunstall

    Scots solo singer Tunstall shot from obscurity to stardom with the release of her "Eye To The Telescope" album, which sold an astonishing 1.5 million copies in the UK alone.
  • Kubichek!

    “Do It Yourself”, according to Wikipedia, is a term “used by various communities that focus on people creating things for themselves without the aid of paid professionals”.
  • Kuniyuki Takahashi

    Kuniyuki Takahashi is a producer and sound engineer Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan and has produced music since 1994, partly under the Koss , Frr Hive and Forth monikers.
  • Kurt Vile

    It takes about the first four bars of rattled, warped rock ‘n’ roll on ‘Childish Prodigy’ to read Kurt Vile like a textbook - a thorough one.
  • Kutiman

    The latest talented producer to join a line of creative output emerging from Israel is Ophir Kutiel aka Kutiman.
  • Kwes

    Kwes is a London based multi tasking, multi talented producer and artist.



  • Kylie Minogue

    From Neighbours star to globe trooting pop princess, Aussie star Kylie has topped the charts, continually reinvented herself and beaten cancer. And she STILL looks a million dollars!