Joe Lean And The Jing Jang Jong

Joe Lean and his guitar henchmen are here to stay

Let’s make a few things clear: Joe Lean is his name, and – for anyone curious after hearing the band’s first release, the rousing ‘Lucio Starts Fires’ – Lucio is his middle name. According to Joe, the drummer’s real name is Bummer Jong. Joe is the eldest band member at 24, the others range from 18 to 20. “I asked every member of the band to be in it without hearing them play, this isn’t to say I didn’t know them before: I went out with Rose from The Pipettes for 4 years, and Tommy D (guitar) is Rose’s little brother, so essentially he’s my little brother too. Tommy used to turn up with his pals, Panda (bassist) and Dommy (guitar) and we just hung out.”


Joe Lean , Tommy D , Dom O Dare , Panda , Bummer


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