• Joanna Hogg

    British director of Unrelated


    Joanna Hogg

  • Joe Ely

    Outlaw country star, and a friend to British punk legends The Clash. Ely has been recording his hard-livin' rockabilly for thirty years now, gathering a huge cult following in the process.
  • Joe Jackson

    Jackson is one of the UK’s most influential singer songwriters and found fame during the punk and New Wave movement of 1978.
  • Joe Lean And The Jing Jang Jong

    Let’s make a few things clear: Joe Lean is his name, and – for anyone curious after hearing the band’s first release, the rousing ‘Lucio Starts Fires’ – Lucio is his middle name.
  • Joe Strummer

    Former front man of The Clash, Joe Strummer was a pub rocker converted by Punk into a radicalised preacher,the figurehead of the movement alongside Johnny Rotten.
  • Joe Volk

    Bristol based songwriter Volk is slowly amassing a cult following due to his dark and downbeat tales and stunning voice.


    Joe Volk

  • Joey Negro

    Joey Negro is the most well-known pseudonym of master British DJ/producer/remixer Dave Lee.
  • John & Jehn

    Velvet Underground inspired French couple who make dark, playful folk.


    John , Jehn

  • John Peel

    Legendary Radio presenter John Peel was at the forefront of more musical revolutions than most can name.
  • John Sayles

    Director of Honeydripper.


    John Sayles

  • John Squire

    Former Stones Roses guitarist Squire found further success with The Seahorses and a solo career before trading in his six string for a paint brush. Now an acclaimed artist in his own right.