• Hot Chip

    You may not expect this wily bunch, straight outta the harsh quagmire of the Putney badlands, to be the true possessors of the funk.
  • Hot Leg

    Former Darkness frontman Justin Hawkins new band.


    Justin Hawkins , Pete Rinaldi , Samuel Stokes , Darby Todd

  • Howie B Vs Casino Royale

    After meeting back stage at a U2 gig in Italy, Howie was warm up Dj while Casino Royale were the support act, the guys got on well and decided to work together.
  • Howl Griff

    Breezy guitar pop nuggets sung entirely in Welsh.


    Howl Griff , Nick Moore , Matt Barnes , Gary Parkinson

  • Howling Bells

    Australian group whose 2006 self-titled debut album made them hot property. After spending the next two years touring, the band are set to return with new material in 2009.
  • Hudson Mohawke

    Hotly tipped Glasgow based DJ Hudson Mohawke represents part of the new wave of Calidonian electronic music.
  • Human Bell

    American left-field group centred on Baltimore duo Nathan Bell and Dave Heumann. Downbeat post rock, the music is formed by guitar duets drawing influence from folk and rock roots.
  • Humphrey Lyttleton

    A long standing pillar of the British jazz community, Lyttleton was a professional musician for over 50 years.
  • Hundred Reasons

    Post-rocking Surrey based five-piece, who have released four albums to date.


    Andy Bews, Colin Doran,Ben Doyle,Andy Gilmour,Larry Hibbitt

  • Husky Resue

    Originally a freelance producer, Marko set about producing a Husky Rescue EP that was soon picked up by Brighton based label, Catskills.