Bethnal Green band

Clash are honoured to be hosting The Guillemots - a band that has achieved most things a relatively experimental folk band could hope to do in the UK scene. They have juggled their affection for David Lynch’s Eraserhead and the use of typewriter clacking for studio effect, with the conquest of the top ten with their second studio release. They have been oddly loyal to their name, eulogizing the noble, harmonious qualities of birdsong in their music, calling songs From the Cliffs and even recording the sounds of the lesser-spotted Gavia Stellata on their first album. They cite Björk as a major influence, have been bigged up by Paul McCartney and have supported Rufus Wainwright, R.E.M, Morrissey and Beck in their time. They cracked the charts in single and album format in the same month, with Get Over It reaching number 20 on the UK Singles Chart and their Red album getting in at number 9. The band consists of 4 members: Fyfe Dangerfield, MC Lord Magrão, Aristazabal Hawkes, Greig Stewart. Their first album they were nominated for the Mercury Music Prize, and they have a new one dropping before spring. In December, The Guillemots announced on their site that tickets would go on sale on January 13 for a secret gig later that month. Tickets sold out in four minutes. Recently they also included an odd yet original performance of the song Bad Boyfriend where the entire band donned animal masks. They rehearse [presumably this is where their animal hi-jinks got polished] in Bethnal Green, apparently replete with massive student-style kitchen. Watch out for The Guillemots coming to a stadium near you soon.


Fyfe Dangerfield , MC Lord Magrão , Aristazabal Hawkes , Greig Stewart


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