• Grand National

    Experimental retro-pop meets brooding 80's synths, Grand National once delivered sausages to Primal Scream in return for studio keys..fact fans.
  • Grandmaster Flash

    An early giant of the New York Hip Hop scene, Flash pioneered the two turntable set up of deejaying and was one of the first to use two copies of a record to prolong the 'break', creating the early te
  • Grant Gee

    Director of Joy Division.


    Grant Gee

  • Grant Lee Phillips

    American maverick singer songwriter often compared to such luminaries as Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen.
  • Grass House

    “You may say that this was taken from here or that from there, and we do not refute these influences that clearly need no introducing.
  • Gravenhurst

    Signed to Warp Records, these four Bristolians create atmospheric music which veers from soft acoustic guitars to shoe gazing sheets of noise.
  • Green Day

    Long running American punk band Green Day grew out of the Californian punk underground. Signing to a major label, their debut album proper was the phenomenally successful 'Dookie'.
  • Greenskeepers

    This being the era of “New Rave” (whatever that is), there’s plenty of bands about who claim a distinct dance-influence in their oh-so-samey sound, despite doing nothing more than put a bad disc
  • Greg Wilson

    Greg Wilson is the Dj who introduced electro and the concept of deejaying (as we know it today) to the UK via his Wednesday nights at Manchester's Legends club and his sets on Picadilly Radio.
  • Gregor Samsa

    Gregor Samsa have established themselves as a post-rock force to be reckoned with across the course of two albums and a series of EPs and splits.
  • Gregory Isaacs

    Jamaican music legend Gregory Isaacs straddles the divide between roots and dancehall.
  • Grinderman

    Grinderman woos you with poetry, slams you in the balls, steals your daughter, manhandles your psyche, mullahs your bassbin and panders to your dark side. All at the same time.
  • Groove Armada

    Formed in the mid 90s, this DJ team quickly turned to making their own tunes to huge chart success. Now curators of the Lovebox Weekender, their place in the pantheon of dance greats is assured.
  • Grooverider

    Former Radio DJ and drum and bass legend, Grooverider served the music well before running afoul of the drug rules in Dubai. Currently incarcerated, his agents are looking at ways to get him free.
  • Guile

    Un-signed psychedelic four-piece