Dance-punk act from Oxford

A band who describe a few of their influences as “arrogant beats”, “stuff, like in general” and “misanthropy” and well as sounding like “infinite substance trepanning” would usually be viewed as either needing locked up or just overly cocky, but when it comes to Foals this is all just part of the appeal. The phrase “college cool” usually sparks images of Vampire Weekend and Alexa Cheung, but the electronic wonder that is foals would instead categorise as Oxford rebels. A melting pot of techno, math rock and minimalist, Yannis and Edwin dropped out of their prestigious English Literature degrees when they were signed to Transgressive, however clearly this was the smarter move for the now favourites on the music scene. Initially formed and named by Andrew Mears before leaving to concentrate on the also Oxford based band Youthmovies, the band was also founded by Jack Bevan and Yannis Philippakis, childhood friends previously in an even more serious math rock band, the Edmund Fitzgerald. When Jimmy Smith and Edwin Congreave joined, the line up was complete, and the Talking Heads inspired band could begin in the self-confessed marijuana-induced manner they have now become accustomed to. Although Foals’ support was growing underground, they were helped massively by their first mainstream media appearance in the hit E4 Series Skins in 2007, with main characters calling Yannis to have him play at the Secret Skins Party of the end of Series 1. Although the band have said they “would never describe themselves as indie”, they found a massive boost in support from indie fans after this. Their long awaited debut album Antidotes released March 2008, co-produced by Dave Sitek of TV on the Radio, reached number 3 in the UK Albums chart and was well worth the angst many hardcore fans went through, with singles like Balloons and Cassius continuing the growing popularity and airplay they enjoyed with their first single on Transgressive, Hummer. Since this they have been on a major festival circuit, receiving their hedonistic and sometimes violent supporters in their usual chilled manner. They have been recording their next album in “the House of Supreme Mathematics” where they and fellow band Jonquil live, and with descriptions of “tropical prog” from the band who can say what Foals now have in store.


Yannis Philippakis , Jack Bevan , Jimmy Smith , Edwin Congreave , Walter Gervers


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