• Frog Pilot

    Massively energetic Japanese rock band
  • FrYars

    London artist who blends acoustic music with savage electro.


    Luke Smith

  • Fuck Buttons

    Experimental noise duo with a grandmother unfriendly moniker.


    Andrew Hung , Benjamin John

  • Fucked Up

    Highly conceptual of lyrical and superbly brutal of breakdown, Fucked Up shouldn't work but, as their rise to mainstream attentions is evidence of, they clearly do.
  • Fujiya & Miyagi

    Formed in Brighton in 2000, this electronic group gained mainstream recognition with a series of EPs in 2004.
  • Fulgeance

    Heading up his own 'Low Club' genre, and born simply Pierre Troel, Fulgeance inherited the name of Monsieur Metro via the conventional route of his best friend.
  • Funeral For A Friend

    Originally known as January Thirst, post-hardcore metallers Funeral For A Friend have released a series of brutal black-rock albums.
  • Funk D'Void

    Barcelona based Glaswegian dance music producer and remixer


    Lars Sandberg

  • Furlined

    Based around the acoustic guitar and cello of Neil Crossley and Tegan Thomas, the core duo who met at an ante-natal group.
  • Furthest Drive Home

    UK emo metal kids. Highly typed by the metal press, this band have gained a lot of exposure via their debut mini-lp "The Complete First Series".
  • Future Loop Foundation

    Take an old jungle producer with an obsession with Mr Kipling, add in lost, near ancient family archives recorded to magnetic tape and Super8 film footage, and stand back.
  • Future Of The Left

    Uniting Jarcrew and McLusky - two of the Welsh underground's most celebrated acts - Future of The Left distort rock 'n' roll in new and exciting directions.
  • Future Sound of London

    Time slips through the fingers as easily as silk panties. Music connects time like the silky threads of a spider’s web.
  • Futureheads

    Since their six year formation at the Sunderland City Detached Youth Project, the north-east four-piece have scored three top 20 hits, shifted a quarter of a million album sales worldwide, hitched a r