Welsh soul singer

Duffy (born Aimeé Ann Duffy, June 1984) is a Welsh singer whose success in 2008 has made her an internationally recognised British pop vocalist in the vein of Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen before her. Duffy’s debut album of 2008, ‘Rockferry’, was the best-selling record of the year, and has shifted upwards of four million copies worldwide. ‘Mercy’, the second single from ‘Rockferry’, topped the UK singles chart in February 2008. Duffy’s career began with a spot on Welsh television talent show Wawffactor (comparable to Pop Idol, albeit on a much smaller budget); she finished second on the 2003 competition, and has since referred to the experience as “the unhappiest time in my life”. Nevertheless, Duffy’s turn on the show sparked a desire to succeed as a pop star. Dreaming her way through university, her break came in 2004 when she recorded a three-song EP (all tracks are in Welsh) and worked with dance-pop outfit Mint Royale on a couple of tracks. Soon she was introduced to Jeanette Lee of Rough Trade Records, and after encouragement from the former Public Image Ltd member moved to London, where she would work with former Suede man Bernard Butler. The pair co-wrote ‘Rockferry’, which showcases influences ranging from Al Green, Scott Walker and Burt Bacharach right up to current pop artists like Beyoncé. It was released in March 2008 after Duffy had appeared in many a turn-of-the-year tips list, and after some four years of writing and recording. ‘Mercy’ won song of the year at the 2008 MOJO Awards, and Duffy earned a clutch of nominations at the 2009 BRIT Awards. As of February 2009 Duffy is believed to be working on new material, and has claimed she will reinvent herself for each album. Although clearly enjoying the wealth that commercial success brings any musician, Duffy has said to the press that being recognised by many people can leave her "on the borderline of a nervous breakdown". Album discography ‘Rockferry’ (Polydor/A&M, 2008) MySpace




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