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“Layering sparse, tweaking acid house production over post-punk ESG percussive beats and chunky bass should make for a hands-in-the-air experience – and it does, but only in the sense that Detachments have taken you at gunpoint.” (The Times) 'Not only do they craft intelligent, forward thinking, infectious songs and dark club anthems with the right balance of musical knowledge, integrity, naivety and enthusiasm, they also so effortlessly look the part' - Trevor Jackson (Producer) "They echo the disenchanted sound of Joy Division and the sleaziness of Iggy Pop; fusing disembodied vocal effects, spacey synths and screeching guitar sounds with dubbed-out disco-punk basslines" (MIXMAG) “Frazzled electro-skronkiness, Detachments sound like the urban decay made flesh, or at least's to watch.” (Subba-Cultcha) MySpace


Sebastien Marshal, Lewis Clark, Max Moreau, Peter Dawson


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