Death From Above 1979

Blisteringly raw and powerful sound

Jesse F. Keeler met Sebastien Grainger whilst looking for a drummer for his solo project Femme Fatale; but, instead of signing him up, the two embarked on the side project of Death From Above. Later, the band changed it’s name to Death From Above 1979, after Grainger’s birth year, following a dispute with James Murphy, boss of DFA records. DFA79’s acclaim as a hardcore dance-punk band overshadowed Keeler’s main project, and the two found success with their blisteringly raw and powerful sound, created with synthesiser, bass guitar and drums. Their back catalogue is as short as it is loud, with only one full studio album (You’re a Woman, I’m a Machine) and three EPs (Heads Up, Romantic Rights EP and Live Sessions), as well as a remix album, entitled Romance Bloody Romance, which includes remixes by Josh Homme, Justice and MSTRKRFT, another of Keeler’s projects. Following this release, DFA79 remained inactive for almost a year, before officially announcing their split on August 3, 2006.


Jesse F. Keeler, Sebastien Grainger


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