Detroit-born disco-shoegazer...

Thick, atmospheric production obscures bright, starry-eyed melodies; ecstatic synth squiggles dance around new-wave beats on songs about Nordics, toxic crusaders, and geometric shapes; arrangement ideas bounce off one another within ambitious song structures. He talks of his influences: "I would say Steve Reich is way up there along with Claude Debussy. Beach Boys, Depeche Mode, Johnny Cash, Sufjan Stevens, Danielson, M83, Aphex twin. Recently I have been obsessed with Animal Collective, Women, High Places, Lucky Dragons, Matmos, Clark, Wilderness, and Dirty Projectors…" Deastro’s songs are breathtakingly down-to-earth, melodic slices of synth-led experimental pop whose energy builds with each iteration of the chorus, hitting emotional peak after emotional peak until they collapse in a heap. MySpace


Randolph Chabot