• David Byrne

    As head honcho with Talking Heads, David Byrne was amongst the pioneers of New York punk.
  • David Gordon Green

    Director of Pineapple Express and Undertow.


    David Gordon Green

  • David Gray

    Success came late to David Gray, but when it came it came in style. His "White Ladder" album was a transatlantic success, cementing the global popularity he worked so hard for.
  • David Holmes

    David Holmes is an Irish Dj and producer who has also forged a successful career creating soundtracks for films such as Ocean's 11 and Out of Sight.
  • David Slade

    Director of 30 Days of Night


    David Slade

  • Dawn Kinnard

    Up and coming singer songwriter


    Dawn Kinnard

  • Dawn Landes

    Golden voiced alt country star from Kentucky. Landes has risen from being the record engineer to a star in front of the mic in her own right.
  • Dawn Landes

    Kentucky-born Dawn Landes now resides in New York and is described as “a big player in the Brooklyn folk scene” (obviously the folk crowd have now been priced out of Greenwich Village).
  • De La Soul

    De La Soul first appeared as 'daisy age' rappers, part of the Native Tongues movement, and secured their status with the classic '3 Feet High and Rising' album.
  • Dead Pixels

    From very diverse backgrounds, members having been raised everywhere from Egypt to the UK, Dead Pixels' sound is one heavily drenched in influences, but refined to the extent where their own character