• Dance Lazarus Dance

    Glasgow based electro rock act.


    Richard Gearstick , Perry Combover , Tom Cruise Control , Danny Devitoes , Adolf Hipflask , UFC

  • Dandy Warhols

    Californian space rockers Dandy Warhols emerged from the turbulent story of Brian Jonestown Massacre.
  • Danger Mouse

    Brian Burton - you may know him better as Danger Mouse - is the producer extraordinaire, and one half of genre-busting Gnarls Barkley.
  • Daniel Johnston

    Perhaps best known in relation to Kurt Cobain and the biopic 'The Devil And Daniel Johnston' this songwriter has battled mental illness to reach critical acclaim.
  • Daniele Luchetti

    Director of My Brother Is An Only Child.


    Director of My Brother Is An Only Child.

  • Dark Captain Light Captain

    Newly expanded, Dark Captain Light Captain take in folk, harmonies, acoustic guitars and electronic sweeps.
  • Darren Hayman

    Hayman was in Hefner. And in The French. He is currently in bands Stereo Morphonium, and Hayman, Watkins Trout and Lee. Oh, and releasing his solo albums...Busy man!
  • Das Pop

    Sophisticated Belgian indie combo soon to release their Soulwax produced third long player.
  • Datarock

    Datarock have been perfecting its unique blend of synth-pop since 1997 when Fredrik met Ket-Ill in their home town of Bergen, Norway.
  • Dauwd

    Dauwd creates music with a complexity most contemporary producers shy away from.
  • Dave Dee

    Founder of Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Titch, Dave Dee had an important role in British music in the 60s.
  • Dave DK

    David Krasemann aka house/techno boffin Dave DK
  • Dave i.d.

    Dave.i.d, a 26-year-old from South East London, is a Tricky, an Aphex Twin, of a modern electronic recording artist.
  • Davey Graham

    Legendary folk musician Davey Graham re-tuned his guitar and blended blues, jazz and indian influences to have a profound affect on the world of traditional music and beyond.
  • David Axelrod

    Nicknamed ‘The Maestro’, Axelrod was born in LA in 1936. He came to prominence as a famed Capitol Records studio engineer, performing alchemical sonic feats with jazz and soul artists.
  • David Barnard

    Director of "Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds: The Abattoir Blues Tour"
  • David Bowie

    Born plain David Jones, the world wasn't quite prepared for Bowie's androgynous breakthrough with the Zigg Stardust project.