Generation X's Dylan

Beck first found international fame a decade ago with the so-called Generation X slacker anthem, ‘Loser’. Its irresistible hip-hop/bluesy drawl secured the world's eyes watching this musical conundrum and wondering where on Earth he had come from. It was a creative family that Beck was born into; his father was a conductor and string arranger and would later score the lush orchestration on his son’s ‘Sea Change’. His mother, Bibbe Hansen (whose name Beck would later adopt), was one of the beautiful people within Andy Warhol’s Factory scene, appearing in the artist’s ‘Prison’ film. Bibbe’s father was Al Hansen, a seminal figure in the Fluxus art movement and a peer of Yoko Ono. With such lineage it came as no surprise that Beck would follow his calling into the Arts.


Beck Hansen


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