• Bjork

    It’s incredible that in the twenty-odd years that Björk has been making music, the average person’s perception of her is still so instantly one-dimensional.
  • Black Acid

    Taking time off from his Death In Vegas project Richard Fearless has embarked on a new psychedelic vision.
  • Black Affair

    Ex-Beta Band member Steve Mason returns with new glitzy, synth based project.


    Steve Mason

  • Black Daniel

    Hailing from South London, Black Daniel play a bass heavy rock sound that flirts with the group's origins in the dance scene.
  • Black Dog

    Originally formed in the very late 80s, Downie worked with Ed Handley and Andy Turner.
  • Black Francis

    You really shouldn’t need an introduction to the man his mum knows as Charles Thompson IV.
  • Black Ghosts

    The new project of former Wiseguy Dj Touche and ex-Simian vocalist Simon Lord. Creators of 'Electronic Soul'


    Dj Touche, Simon Lord

  • Black Kids

    Black Kids; four suburban teens causing US bloggers to soil their undercrackers at the mere mention of the band, evoked a hype so stratospheric the band’s CMJ show saw an influx of media types not s
  • Black Moth Super Rainbow

    Black Moth Super Rainbow are an experimental group from Pittsburgh. Their music veers from outright pop elements to psych, folk and electronica.
  • Black Mountain

    Musical arm of the Black Mountain Army, a collective of musicians, artists and friends in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
  • Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

    Since BRMC’s 2001 eponymous debut, the intervening years have been more notable for the misses than the hits.
  • Black Sabbath

    Black Sabbath (Ozzy Osbourne, Tommy Iommi, Bill Ward, Geezer Butler) are Birmingham's godfathers of Heavy Metal.
  • Black Seeds

    New Zealand based reggae / dub group who have earned a worldwide reputation for rockin' dancefloors.
  • Bleech

    One of London’s best kept secrets, Bleech are made up of sisters Jennifer, Katherine and their school pal Matt.
  • Bleeding Heart Narrative

    Bleeding Heart Narrative is the recording and performing moniker of East London-based multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Oli Barrett.
  • Blitzen Trapper

    Portland, Oregon-based country/folk band signed to the Legendary Sub Pop Records

    BLK JKS came to the US in the spring of 2008 after a chance meeting with über-producer Diplo while he was on tour in South Africa.