A subtle and more sensitive approach to dance music

Time and Space. (Here we go, I hear you say…) Yet Sasha Ring a.k.a. Apparat’s stance at the European crux of Berlin in 2007 saw him standing at a point where the city’s dwellers and ‘techno tourists’ started giving up unconditional love for overly mechanised techno. Sasha’s subtle and more sensitive approach to dance music is a microcosm of this digital shift in itself. Having broken his name in linear techno, Apparat soon spurned convention in favour of relenting ambience, the lure of IDM and flirtations with the dancehall rhythm. Alongside Modeselektor, Sasha was one of a handful of artists playing IDM in a city brimming full of belligerence and relying on a deep history of utilising often generic dance music to socially unite both sides of a divided city once the Berlin Wall came down at the close of the ‘80s


Sasha Ring