Albert Hammond Jr

Stroke's guitarist breaks away

“Buddy Holly is the whole reason why I picked up a guitar and got into music in the first place,” pipes Strokes afro-sex god Albert Hammond Jr. “Hearing Buddy Holly for the first time really was a life changing experience. One day I hated music and the next, I just fell in love with it.” You can say that again. If it wasn’t for Holly, the skinny tie wearing Albert Hammond Jr. we’ve all come to love and know since the turn of the 21st century may have been famous for something completely different - ROLLERSKATING! That’s right folks, this Fender wearing, cigarette smoking Strokes star once entertained crowds in their thousands as a championship skater back in his youth. “Ha ha yeah that’s true,” Albert confesses with a hint of embarrassment before he suddenly gets all serious. “I used to train three times a week and it was really hard work. You have to commit a lot of time to get really good at it and I put everything into it at the time.” Thankfully a major injury setback soon put a stop to all that nonsense and it wasn’t long before Albert stumbled across a certain Julian Casablancas during a spell at an elite boarding school in Switzerland. Six years later, the pair were reunited at New York University Tisch’s School Of Arts and the coolest, most defining US band since Nirvana formed. The rest as they say, is history. Three acclaimed albums later and Albert currently finds himself fronting his own debut solo project, ‘Yours To Keep’.


Albert Hammond Jr


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