AK Momo

Swedish soundtrack-alikers

Sweden’s AK Momo are a duo, comprising musical archaeologist Mattias Olsson and singer/lyricist/keyboardist Anna Karin von Malmborg. Together they create music that’s the aural equivalent of twinkling Christmas lights, based on a trove of arcane instrumental exotica and gilded by some of the most magically bewitching vocals heard since Alison Goldfrapp first yodelled from Felt Mountain. In short, AK Momo proffer that rarest of virtues in contemporary popular music: a truly unique, instantly beguiling sound.? At the heart of that sound is Mattias Olsson’s expertly wielded Mellotron, the iconic,1960s tape-based, proto-synthesiser most recently deployed by the likes of Radiohead and Portishead and which most famously graced the Beatles’ ‘Strawberry Fields’, not to mention envelope-stretching ‘60s and ‘70s benchmarks by the likes of Procol Harum, the Rolling Stones, the Zombies, Traffic, Donovan and Pink Floyd. MySpace


Mattias Olsson, Anna Karin von Malmborg


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