Multinational quartet of buskers done good

Surprise in the unknown has inspired the 747s since their humble beginnings in Dublin, where Ned and founding guitarist Oisin Leech met at Trinity College. Motioning the importance for music over style, they began busking to crowds coming out of late night nightclubs. Prompted by a desire to escape Dublin and a need to experience new things, Ned and Oisin packed up their kit-bags and headed to Naples. It was there that they met jazz enthusiast Massimo Signorelli, who was soon to be signed up as their drummer. The experience of busking is something that cements the four members together. Their wisdom lies in the stripped down experience of their days spent jamming on street corners. Freddie, the last inclusion to the 747s was first spotted busking on Church Street in Liverpool, upon their return from over 14 months spent travelling and performing in Italy and Sicily. Or “the summer before Freddie” as the rest of the band like to refer to it as. “Freddie’s like Ron Wood,” Oisin jokes, “he was in the band before he realised he was.”


Oisin Leech , Ned Crowther , Massimo Signorelli , Freddie Stitz


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