Anglo-Argentine live dance music act

2020Soundsystem have forged a name for themselves as one of the best new live bands from the UK. They have established themselves firmly in the festival circuit as well as building up their reputation through the world of underground clubs, dirty discos and sweaty gigs. Their 2006 debut album ‘No Order’ was received with universal acclaim and received album of the month in most of the cool music press. They have toured from Austin to Zurich and rocked major festivals such as Glastonbury, Sonar, Exit, Rockness, Skol Beats, Monegros, Global Gathering, Creamfields, Fortdance, Pitch Electronic, Camp Bisco and 10 days off. 2020Soundsystem was created by Ralph Lawson and Danny Ward to find new ways of playing music live, mixing up electronic beats with drums, bass, keys and vocals. Lawson is the original DJ at the legendary Back to Basics club in Leeds while Ward has toured as a drummer with AIM, Rae and Christian, Filia Brazilia and The Pharcyde. The outfit is completed by Argentinian duo Fernando Pulichino and Julian Sanza. We think that could make it the only Anglo-Argentine band in the world! 2020Soundsystem has really been a back-to-front story. The band went out and played live jams first which then led to their own tracks and later songs. “We would jam for maybe two hours and record, it sounded horrible for most of it but at some point we would find a place where we had all gelled and produced something fresh”, Lawson says. These out-takes became the backbone of “dub” tracks which we then developed into our album. The live experience is so important to us that we also included a full live show recorded at Sonar on our first album. We have now let Clash magazine have an exclusive show from New York’s Studio B club recorded at the end of last year to podcast” says Ralph. The show has already been unleashed to audiences of up to 20,000 people in Argentina, Brazil and Exit Serbia to devastating effect. The band also stopped by at world renowned clubs Fabric, Watergate, Back to Basics, The Subclub, The Loft, Slam, Audio, Bugged Out!, D-Edge and Cabaret Voltaire among many others in 2008. June 2009 sees the release of their second album ‘Falling’. The first singles from it – ‘Psycho’ and ‘Sliding Away’ – are out now. The guys tour the states in March and June and take in European dates and festivals in the summer.


Ralph Lawson , Danny Ward , Fernando Pulichino , Julian Sanza


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