Synthetic pop music...

Waylayers do things their own way.

Drawn together by an ad in Rough Trade East, the band have spent the past 12 months in a furious cycle of writing, recording and playing live. Now the band are ready to break cover, lining up new single 'Magnets' for release on November 26th.

Floaty, synthetic pop music 'Magnets' has an innate retro-Futurism. Inspired by the sound and vision of the early 80s, 'Magnets' sounds like a ghostly, phantom version of The Human League - tattered, worn through to the point of being translucent.

But that's the beautiful thing about Waylayers. There's a gentle, driving euphoria rippling through the track, with kinetic drums pushing the band to new heights. 

Handing the video for the single to ClashMusic, you can watch the clip below.

- - -

'Magnets' is set to be released on November 26th.


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