Kitsune tour - behind the scenes

Kitsune is one of the coolest labels on the planet.

Mixing dance with rock, Britain with Europe, the United States and everywhere else the label has broken new ground with each release.

Currently, two British groups are making waves on the label. Two Door Cinema Club have only released a handful of singles yet already their danceable electro pop is turning heads across the continent.

Manchester band Delphic, meanwhile, do what Manchester bands seem to do best. Effortlessly blending dance with rock they recall New Order at their ground breaking height without losing their own distinct voice.

Joining up for a recent high profile tour, Two Door Cinema Club and Delphic learned to live out each other's pockets for weeks at a time. ClashMusic gave Two Door Cinema Club a camera and prepared ourselves for the shocking truth of life on the road with Kitsune...

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