Jim Noir

If someone said you could download tea you’d probably think they were a bit strange, slightly mad, or possibly some kind of eccentric genius wouldn’t you? Well, Manchester music-maker Jim Noir is all of those things and he’s giving you the chance to do just that today. His recent single ‘Tea’ is available to download here.

The track comes from his new record, 'Jimmy’s Show', which is due for release on 17th September. It’s a great collection of quirky ideas and catchy hooks resulting from 16-months of releasing EP’s to ‘Noir Club’ subscribers online. The best of this relentless output has been reworked into a true show reflecting Jim’s inimitable take on what music can be, all with a playfully inventive, comedic edge. Scandalously Jim actually prefers Coffee, but not much really rhymes with that, so there’s how the song got its title.

This one’s a dark tale about someone who’s run out of tea bags, and while the milk goes sour they’re contemplating going to the shop but are afraid of the kids outside. The video below gets even more sinister with three anthropomorphic magpies stalking an old man! “I fear it’s the most gritty and violent video I have ever done,” says Noir. “Someone even gets egg in the side of his face. Tarantino, watch out!” When he was laying the track down Jim got so into the groove that the local council came by and confiscated his equipment after complaints about the noise. Thankfully he got it back and is all set to play our first ever Clash issue launch party in Manchester. He’ll be showing us what Jimmy’s Show sounds like live on 6th October, which is also the album launch.

Tickets are just £6 and are available here… It’s going to be a great gig. What more persuasion do you need to come down? A free copy of Clash? OK then. If you get down early you’ll be able to pick up the new issue for absolutely free too.

Words by Simon Butcher


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