Open air show at Southend...
Jim Jones Revue

The Jim Jones Revue don't take prisoners.

The rock 'n' roll rebels are known for their bloodthirsty, nostril flaring take on live performances, smashing their way past the band / audience barrier. All flailing limbs, snot and blood it can be a messy - and unforgettable - experience.

With new album 'The Savage Heart' tucked under their belts, The Jim Jones Revue recently organised a show in Southend. Playing an open air set on the historic pier, the band took along a film crew to record the unusual show.

Split into three parts, the resulting film is a revealing glimpse into the world of The Jim Jones Revue.

Here's 'Savage Heart (Part Two)'.

- - -

Watch 'Savage Heart (Part One)' HERE.


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