2-CD collectors editions lined up
The Blue Nile

The Blue Nile are set to release 2-CD collectors editions of 'A Walk Across The Rooftops' and 'Hats' on November 19th.

A strange, beguiling, mysterious beast The Blue Nile are seemingly stirring once more. The band are planning to look back on their early years, with Virgin set to house 2-CD collectors editions of 'A Walk Across The Rooftops' and 'Hats'.

Famously funded by a stereo company as a means of demonstrating sound quality, 'A Walk Across The Rooftops' remains a stunning debut offering. Released in 1984, it transformed the band's native Glasgow into a rich cineo-scope, with Paul Buchanan's baritone falling across lush, ambitious arrangements.

In what would become a running theme in their career, The Blue Nile then waited five years before releasing a follow up. Impacting on British music in 1989, 'Hats' is perhaps the band's most fully realised statement and spawned three Top 75 singles.

Now The Blue Nile are planning to expand those early offerings. 'A Walk Across The Rooftops' gains rare tracks, alternate mixes and 'I Love This Life' - the band's debut single. 'Hats' meanwhile, gains previously unreleased cut 'Christmas', a few early mixes and otherwise unavailable B-sides.

'A Walk Across The Rooftops' and 'Hats' will be released on November 19th.

A Walk Across The Rooftops


1. A Walk Across The Rooftops

2. Tinseltown In The Rain

3. From Rags To Riches

4. Stay

5. Easter Parade

6. Heatwave

7. Automobile Noise

Bonus CD

1. I Love This Life – the band’s first single

2. Heatwave – Rhythm Mix

3. St Catherine’s Day – previously unreleased

4. Tinseltown In The Rain – mix

5. The Second Act – B side to I Love This Life

6. Stay – Little Mix

7. Regret - B side to Tinseltown In The Rain



1. Over The Hillside

2. The Downtown Lights

3. Let’s Go Out Tonight

4. Headlights On The Parade

5. From A Late Night Train

6. Seven AM

7. Saturday Night

Bonus CD

1. Seven AM – recorded before the end of the Hats sessions

2. Christmas – previously unreleased

3. Let’s Go Out Tonight – vocal 2 – the 2nd vocal take

4. Saturday Night – vocal 2 – early mix

5. Headlights On The Parade – Live In Tennessee

6. The Wires Are Down – B side to The Downtown Lights single


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