Icelandic couture showcase

You just can't keep them down.

With the country deep in financial trouble, Iceland's creative community has re-doubled their efforts. A slew of art, music and design is emerging from the Northern island with the recent Reykjavik Fashion Festival just the type of the glacier.

A two day event, RFF showcased the very best in Icelandic fashion. Mixing the country's deep traditions with a powerful glimpse of the future, the designs on show contained work by some of the most talented young names in European fashion.

In addition to the runway shows, however, RFF knows how to throw a party. Canadian elector filth merchant Peaches stopped by, for a typically breath-taking show.

Costume changes, lasers and plenty of crowd surfing made it a night to remember. Closing to the sounds of nearby volcano Eyjafjallajokull erupting, this year's Reykjavik Fashion Festival posed some important questions about not just Icelandic identity but fashion as a whole.

Photos by Óskar Hallgrímsson, Joseph Henry Ritter

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