'Pinch: MIA 2006 - 2010'

Pinch is set to collect some of his influential early dubstep material on new album 'Pinch: MIA 2006 - 2010'.

It seems odd to talk about dubstep in the past tense, but - given it's appropriation by American producers such as Skrillex - that is exactly what seems to be happening across the country. People seem to have drawn a line under the scene, with former die hards moving into new areas. At its peak, though, dubstep was an inspirational, deeply alien sound.

Pinch is set to gather some of his early cuts on a new compilation, and it looks to us like a wonderful reminder of exactly how pioneering the whole scene was. Out on Tectonic, the album opens with seminal Planet Mu release 'Qawwali VIP' before delving into his back catalogue. Mixing well known tracks with lesser heralded material, the hand picked selection charts the producer's progression as dubstep rose and then splintered.

Available digitally and on CD, those who fork out for plastic will gain ‘Elements’ - previously only available on the flip of Pinch's monumental Swamp81 12 inch 'Croydon House'. Covering numerous diversions, sub-genres and more it's a fantastic introduction into the Bristol producer's work.

'Pinch: MIA 2006 - 2010' is set to be released on November 19th.


1. Qawwali VIP (Planet Mu ‘06)

2. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan & Ghaudi ‘Dil Da Rog Muka Ja Mali’ [Pinch Remix] (Six Degrees Records ‘07)

3. Chamber Dub (Soul Jazz Records ‘07)

4. Cave Dream (Planet Mu ‘07)

5. 136 Trek (Punch Drunk ‘08)

6. 30Hz ‘Mutate(d)’ [Pinch Re-Work] (Lot49 ‘08)

7. E.motive (Planet Mu ‘08)

8. Motion Sickness (Tempa ‘08)

9. Attack Of The Giant Killer Robot Spiders (Planet Mu ‘09)

10. Henry & Louis ft Steve Harper ‘Rise Up’ (2Kings ‘09)

11. Elements (Swamp 81 ‘10)

12. Emika ‘Double Edge’ [Pinch Remix] (Ninja Tune ‘10)

- Deserted Island (Previously unreleased bonus track ‘04)


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