Dayve Hawk returns...
Memory Tapes

The problem with chillwave - if you can narrow it down to just one - is that every artist tainted by it's stink has been forced to spend a good 18 months explaining why they want nothing to do with the label.

So let's get this out the way first: Memory Tapes isn't chillwave. A vehicle for Dayve Hawk, the producer blends a whimsical, almost child-like sense of the surreal with probing electronics which build on samples from yore. Third album 'Grace/Confusion' is set to be released on December 3rd, and clocks in at over 39 minutes with the added length allowing Memory Tapes to expand on the work he has completed before.

New cut 'Sheila' appeared online this morning. It's all damaged synths, sighing vocals and floating guitar lines - stretching out towards the eight minute mark, Memory Tapes has rarely sounded so confident, or so ambitious.

Stream it below.

Fancy more information?

Here's a quote from Hawk: “I've always explained Memory Tapes as pop music as field recordings. I decided to showcase a kind of chaotic reaching. I don't think the record is flat-out shooting in all directions though, because I kept trying to reign it in as much as I embraced it. That’s why I called it Grace/Confusion.”

'Grace/Confusion' is set to be released on December 3rd. Tracklisting:

Neighborhood Watch
Thru The Field
Let Me Be
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