Curated by Chrissy Murderbot
Escape From Chicago

Loose Squares are gearing up for the release of new Footwork related compilation 'Escape From Chicago'.

Twisting, turning, gestating in Chicago's more neglected areas, Footwork erupted out of the Juke scene. A stripped back, edgier counterpart to its older cousin, Footwork has come to be seen as an extremely pure, localised phenomenon.

Yet the past two years have seen Footwork leave an indelible stamp (poor pun, we apologise!) on electronic around the globe. Loose Squares have gathered a new compilation, with 'Escape From Chicago' gathering Footwork pioneers alongside those touched by their influence.

Those wanting an introduction to Footwork need look elsewhere. Rather, the label focus on acts like LV & Mumdance who bound the scene's frenetic sparsity to something more recognisably British. Elsewhere, you can find cuts from DJ Godfather, Hesk, Pixelord and more.

Curated by Loose Squares boss - and long time advocate of Chicago club-based music - Chrissy Murderbot, 'Escape From Chicago' is a neat cross section of the way a potent, tight-knit scene has shifted the way artists across the globe are approaching production.

'Escape From Chicago' is set to be released on October 29th. Stream it below.



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