Surprising collaboration alert...
The Antlers

Bristol producer Tricky has stepped in to remix The Antlers' 'Undersea' cut 'Crest' - listen to it below.

Released in 2011, The Antlers' third album 'Burst Apart' remains a fixture on the Clash stereo. Rich, sumptuous songwriting, it was very much a guitar album - yet still paid a debt of recognition to electronic music. As Peter Silberman told us at the time: "I think there’s a very different feeling to a lot of electronic music where you stop looking at the clock, you stop measuring different sections. Things like that. I think that went into our songwriting process – just letting things go, letting them repeat and stop being so concerned with the pop structure of writing a song.”

Since then, The Antlers have released the 'Undersea' EP and made some surprisingly connections. Bumping into Tricky backstage at a Spanish festival, the band asked the smokey voiced rapper if he wanted to remix one of their tracks.

Peter Silberman: “We were backstage at the Optimus Alive festival in Lisbon, staring at a confusing Portuguese coffee machine, when Tricky appeared and showed us how to use it. After that, we got to talking and he asked if we'd be into him remixing a track. His records have been a big influence on us and we were thrilled.”

Listen the remix below. (via RCRD LBL)


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