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Daphni is streaming new album 'JIAOLONG' in its entirety - listen to it below.

Now probably better known as the lynch-pin of Caribou - and its ever evolving live persona - Dan Snaith recently decided to head in an another direction. Focussing on his Daphni moniker, the producer began constructing tracks which were aimed at club use, rather than live performance.

Out now as a digital download, 'JIAOLONG' collects the best of this material. It's a fantastic listen, all purposeful experimentation and body-smashing 4/4 rhythms, and more than matches Snaith's promise to capture the "transcendent moments" he has experienced in clubs around the globe.

Seemingly crafted spontaneously, the producer described the 'JIAOLONG' ethos thus: "They’re about working fast and intuitively, capturing the manic energy needed to start a track one afternoon, and have it finished and be playing it in a club that night.”

Stream it HERE.


1.Yes, I Know

2. Cos-Ber-Zam - Ne Noya (Daphni Mix)

3. Ye Ye

4. Light

5. Pairs

6. Ahora

7. Jiao

8. Springs

9. Long


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