At Rough Trade East...
John Cale

John Cale and Matthew Herbert are to feature in an upcoming event at Rough Trade East.

It's a much mis-used term but John Cale truly is a legend. Helping to steer the first two Velvet Underground albums, his solo career contains some incredible moments. Returning with a new album, the Welsh born artist has confirmed plans for an intimate new event.

Taking place on October 29th at Rough Trade East, John Cale will feature in conversation at the London record shop. Joining him will be renowned producer Matthew Herbert, acclaimed author Richard King, and host Emma Warren. As a bonus feature, John Cale will take questions from the audience meaning that this is your chance to get to grips with the career of a genuine trailblazer.

Don't forget - new album 'Shifty Adventures In Nookie Wood' is out now.

Here's 'Face To The Sky'.


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