South Coast psychedelia...
Holy Vessels

There's something special about the English countryside.

Would Syd Barrett have been able to conjure up Pink Floyd's debut album in Spain, say? Would the Small Faces have been able to shift between Mod suss and blissed out psychedelia in rural Germany, for example?

Sitting in this lineage, Holy Vessels are supreme purveyors of South Coast psychedelia. Deeply independent, the band recorded debut album ‘Last Orders At The Marshall Arms’ in a barn, literally fusing their music with rural life.

Set to be released on November 12th, ‘Last Orders At The Marshall Arms’ patches together the Byrds' harmonies, Big Star' chords and Gram Parsons' country soul. As a special preview, ClashMusic have been handed the video for 'Queen of Alimony' - seemingly shot in a jail, the camera passes a number of tiny windows to find each band member in their cell.

Watch it below.

- - -

‘Last Orders At The Marshall Arms’ is due to be released on November 12th.


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