To start at the beginning….

Clash sloped down to Worthy Farm for our 11th year of nefarious musical activity and vitality at Glastonbury 2011.

In tow we had Young Sam and Curious Joe. Two Clash rookies who were about to get their emotional wings…

Keep em peeled for their communiqués on what unfolds. But to start at the beginning….

8am Wednesday saw unprecedented levels of rain pour on the keen and eager as queues formed intent on dodging the masses. This transformed quickly into ‘just the masses’ conglomerating as the clocks watched the rain. The different verve and texture of mud became modern parlance as the throngs stood inert in the rainfall like displaced cows. Eyeballs trembled into the sky, yet we knew that no matter what happens the soul of Glastonbury would prevail.

1pm Quickly ushered in the launch point for Clash’s weekend, our very own DJ set in the new Beat Hotel complex, a baptism of music fire to get us off our haunches and into the muddy mix.

Having transformed 300 seated hippies into 300 dancing new friends (only a mild exaggeration) ‘DJ Fire Alarm’ and ‘Selectah Power Cut’ had tried to match the ascendant sunshine with melodic dawns, only to gleefully see Fleetwood Mac win the day. Thursday now lies in front of us, primed.

The sun has come out, so enjoy our photo galleries unfold, they go from desperation to sunlit joy.

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Photos by Al De Perez

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