Frankmusik Live & Lost In Dundee

Frankmusik is everywhere right now. Like a social network plague of biblical semblance. He is curating Myspace, flooding Twitter and swarming Kyte. Aside from this he has been spotted DJing with Annie Mac, singing from an open top car outside Edinburgh castle, sprinting through the streets of Inverness and crashing a gig in Dundee. All in three days work for this wandering cheese-popper.

All this impromptu hobnobbing is the essence of Frankmusik’s unique new Live & Lost tour. Beginning on March 21st, Vincent Frank (Frankmusik) was booted out at Inverness (Scottish Highlands) and told to find his way to London, securing free travel and accommodation from fans in exchange for spending some quality time with their idol, or simply shouting ‘dance monkey dance’ whilst waving pound notes.

Clash managed to bolt down to his first full live performance of the tour, in Dundee…

(Photos by Keri Fullwood)

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