Catch the troubadour in action!

Fin Greenall began life as a tough electronic producer before swapping his synthesiser for a trusty acoustic guitar.

Working with his old label Ninja Tunes the new acoustic songwriter began working from an entirely new musical palette. With his deft finger picking and soft as honey voice Fink soon picked up fans unfamiliar with his past.

2007's 'Distance And Time' was to prove a watershed of sorts, picking up rave reviews and winning Fink a number of new fans. Returning this year with the sublime 'Sort Of Revolution' the guitarist recently hit the road for a short series of tour dates.

ClashMusic gave Fink a camera and told him to reveal just what life is like on the road. Armed with his acoustic guitar the singer often appears fragile, but his photos reveal a perfectionist eager to showcase his talent before an audience.

Watch the action unfold...

Photos copyright - Fabrice, Brighton

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