A salute to The King

Elvis Presley, a one man cultural force.

Blending rhythm 'n' blues with white country sounds, Elvis Presley almost single handily gave birth to rock 'n' roll. The young man from the deep South revolutionised youth culture, sparking a musical form which has influenced millions across the globe.

Sure, he made some questionable career decisions - joining the army and making dreadful films among them - but at his best Elvis was simply unstoppable. Not named 'The King' for nothing, the singer's comeback special in 1968 stands out as one of the most spectacular career turnarounds in the history of rock.

Later becoming a Las Vegas institution, the life of Elvis Presley sits as one of pop's core texts. Dying in 1977, The King left behind him millions of fans in mourning.

On January 8th Elvis Presley would have been 75 years old. ClashMusic pays tribute...

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