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Edwyn Collins may well be one of this country's most influential songwriters, but art will always be his first love.

From his early childhood the young Edwyn would always have a pen or pencil in hand, scribbling furiously at what he saw around him. A continuing aspect of his career, when the singer was struck down by tragic health problems in 2005 he returned to his love of visual art to inspire him.

Retreating to a house in the Sutherland village of Helmsdale, Edwyn Collins began soaking up the uniquely beautiful environment of the Far North. Concentrating on his illustrations, wife Grace Maxwell has noted that it was during this spell in the Scottish countryside that colour began to re-appear in his work.

With Edwyn Collins blasting back with his superb album 'Losing Sleep' last year a fuller appreciation of his art is well overdue. London's Idea Generation gallery has stepped into the breach, showcasing a massive cross section of his work.

Assembled over many years, the exhibition contains pieces never seen in public before. Due to open on Saturday (February 26th) 'Nature Punk' is a collection of studies of birds which demonstrate a keen eye for both the detail and character of the natural world.

Edwyn Collins and Idea Generation have very kindly allowed ClashMusic to showcase a small selection of prints from the show.

1. 'Grey Heron - Lowres 2010' (c) Edwyn Collins
2. 'Hobby - Colour 2010' (c) Edwyn Collins
3. 'Some British Birds - Redwing 2005' (c) Edwyn Collins
4. 'Some British Birds - Twite 2005' (c) Edwyn Collins
5. 'Some British Birds - Gannet 2008' (c) Edwyn Collins
6. 'Some British Birds - Grey Kestral 2008' (c) Edwyn Collins
7. 'Tawyn Owl - 2005' (c) Edwyn Collins

"Edwyn Collins: Nature Punk, at Idea Generation Gallery 26th Feb - Mar 6th".

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