'Black Salad' due on November 26th

DELS is set to release his new EP 'Black Salad' through November 26th.

For the past year, DELS has been hidden, gestating, working. The British rapper took part in a few collaborations, but material under his own name remained frustratingly difficult to find. All that is set to change next month, however, when the rapper released new EP 'Black Salad'.

Out on November 26th, Big Dada will once again provide a home for the artist. Tracklisting is as follows: 1. Black Salad 2. Bird Milk 3. Not Today 4. Sell By Date 5. You Live In My Head 'Black Salad' appeared online this morning.

Written by DELS and produced by James Spankie, the deep, underwater beats and matched by a flow which recalls contemporary - and sometimes collaborator - Ghostpoet. The track also comes equipped with a new video, directed by DELS and Chloë Hayward.

A quick quote from DELS: "This simple, graphic animation is an exploration of form and colour in relation to sound. I was interested in giving sound a graphic and physical presence. The animation aims to show how sound and image can compliment each other and can evoke a deeper focus from the viewer."

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'Black Salad' is set to be released on November 26th.


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