You get to keep the proceeds...
Chapel Club

Chapel Club are allowing fans to remix new track 'Good Together' - and keep the proceeds.

Returning with new material and a new direction, Chapel Club seem invigorated. Incorporating cutting edge technology and fresh ideas, the band's rejuvenated energy is thoroughly contagious. Now the band have outlined plans for a remix project.

Streaming new track 'Good Together' online, Chapel Club are asking fans to grab the streams and production their own version. In a neat twist, Chapel Club are allowing you to upload the final remix to any outlet you want - and keep the proceeds.

Stream 'Good Together' below, then read a message from Chapel Club after the jump. Get involved HERE.

- - -

On this site you’ll find the stems of our previously unreleased song Good Together. We're offering THE WHOLE WORLD the chance not only to REMIX THE TRACK, but to SELL their creations and KEEP THE MONEY. LOL. So the deal is this: you can download these stems FOR FREE, remix the song and self-release it digitally via any online outlet you like. To find out how best to do this we've attached a little step-by-step guide, below.

We thought Good Together made the most suitable candidate for a remix project because it’s ten minutes long and has lots of parts to play with – and also because the extended end section began life as a kind of live remix of our own. We can only do this because we're on the eve of signing a new record deal, so get to it while you still have the chance... we're truly excited to see what you come up with. CCx


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