'Into The Future' due on November 19th
Bad Brains

Legendary American punk group Bad Brains are set to release their new studio album 'Into The Future' on November 19th.

Bad Brains didn't invent hardcore punk, but the band are arguably responsible for some of its most vital, feral, inspiring recordings. Now back in their classic line up - H.R., Darryl Jenifer, Dr. Know and Earl Hudson - the band recently sealed off sessions on their new album.

'Into The Future' is set to be released on November 19th, and the band are in typically high spirits. "’Into The Future’ is the purest Bad Brains recordings since the ROIR cassette,” bassist Darryl Jenifer explained recently. “Our self-produced record shines with a true sense of freedom and musical experimentation, with blends of soulful backgrounds meshed with blistering hardcore and metal riffs, with classic dub."

Amongst the tracks on 'Into The Future' is a tribute to one of the band's closest friends. Adam Yauch was a continual advocate for Bad Brains, taking them on tour and even stepping in to produce the band's studio album ‘Build a Nation’.

Stream title cut 'Into The Future' below.

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Bad Brains are set to release 'Into The Future' on November 19th.


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