Intimate snaps...

As line ups go, this was up there with the best of them...

...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead teamed up with Rival Schools, with both bands agreeing to invite Asobi Seksu along for the ride. Significantly quieter than both acts, the shoegaze outfit were celebrating the release of their latest album and had plenty to shout about.

Upping their game, each night became a three way battle for honours. Asobi Seksu singer Yuki Chikudate took a camera along, and delivered a host of intimate snaps to ClashMusic...

Day 5 Glasgow

A Sunny Day in Glasgow!

When you have two Scottish crew men you spend most of the day going- what!? It was adorable that they clapped and cheered when we crossed into Scotland. We had an epic dinner at STEREO where we were supposed to have some veggie Haggis, but that didn't quite work out as planned as they were fresh OUT. FAIL. We got a free dinner from the kind folks at Stereo so can't complain to make up for the debacle. Scotts are wonderful people, although I may be slightly biased now as I have probably been brainwashed by our crew....

Me and Sammy from Rival Schools hanging out backstage at The Garage.

I get very excited when there's fruit backstage in our dressing room!


(photos Glasgow 1 - 3)

Day 6 Birmingham

Last day with Trail of Dead and Rival Schools guys. :( They are seriously two of the nicest bands we ever come across! Also, they are SICK live bands. If you haven't seen them live yet, you must rectify this immediately! Amazing drummers in both bands. Most importantly on this day, I changed my nail color on the drive over to Birmingham. Some of the boys got jealous so I had to share.


We look like fucking zombies!

Me and Conrad being badasses

(Birmingham 1 - 5)

Day 7 London XOYO

FUCK! It felt good to play a full show after being an opener for 2 weeks! Thanks to our fans who came out and made it an ACE gig! Ha, I'm adopting a bit of your language, it seems! I was also hit with a wave of nostalgia as I had a reunion with an old university friend who now lives in London. She told me that she was in Tokyo when the massive earthquake hit. Glad she's ok. Which reminds me, please keep Japan in your thoughts and prayers. They still need us!

This was a fun mirror backstage


Me and my friend Miki

(London XOYO 1 - 4)

Day 8 Brighton

Day off in Brighton! The weather has been out of control beautiful! The air here cheered me up. Been feeling a bit lonely and homesick, friendsick, ny sick what have you....And the sea air told me it's ok.

(Brighton 1 - 5)

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