Intimate snaps...

As line ups go, this was up there with the best of them...

...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead teamed up with Rival Schools, with both bands agreeing to invite Asobi Seksu along for the ride. Significantly quieter than both acts, the shoegaze outfit were celebrating the release of their latest album and had plenty to shout about.

Upping their game, each night became a three way battle for honours. Asobi Seksu singer Yuki Chikudate took a camera along, and delivered a host of intimate snaps to ClashMusic...

Day 1 Luxembourg

Played Luxembourg today. First time in Luxembourg ever for all of us. Opening for Trail of Dead and Rival Schools has been pretty awesome! And also- I'm pretty happy because I found a new house. (photos Luxembourg 1, 2 3)

Day 2 Travel Day to London

Was an entertaining bunch of british customs officers in Calais. So much more pleasant than US customs....

Had some fish and chips in Dover and then onto...Travelodge in Docklands!

(photos Travelday 1, 2, 3)

Day 3 London

Had a nail-biter of an afternoon- No, not really. Our ride to venue was an hour late. But we loaded in time for our soundcheck in London for our gig at Electric Ballroom. First time playing this venue. Nice sounding room! Fun gig-- I tripped on stage during Thursday :P Oops! I can be quite clumsy. Suppose it's one of my charms or something. Rival Schools and Trail Of Dead played monster sets tonight. TOD are fucking beasts. I was also really excited today because I wore another dress designed by my good friend Caycee Black!!!
(photos London 1 - 7)

Day 4 Manchester

The Manc show was fucking awesome! What an energetic, inspired crowd for everyone, even for us at an early hour. :) Hung out with Walter from Rival Schools a bit. He was bragging about a tshirt he just got. I think he's modeled a bit from the looks of it. Spring time in the UK is Fucking Brilliant. Cherry blossoms everywhere!

(photos Manchester 1 - 6)

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