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*Disclaimer: Android Users Please Read

Our Digital Edition has been created to very high quality standards. However due to the massive disparity in Android handset operating systems and handset memory capacities your scrolling experience may vary across different handset manufacturers.

In rare cases your Android handset may be too old to fully enjoy our Clash Digital Experience as we intended. This is a symptom of technological lag between phone platforms and our Mag+ publishing software.

Due to this disparity we are currently only able to offer the Clash Digital Edition on the following products:

Google Nexus 5
Samsung Galaxy Note 3
Samsung Galaxy S4
Sony Xperia Z Ultra
Samsung Galaxy Note II
Samsung Galaxy S4"Google Play Edition"
Motorola Moto X
Samsung Galaxy Mega

If you have experienced difficulties then please email us at and we can help advise on improving your reading of Clash.


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